SpotCollector question

Norman Heyen

I'm trying out DXLab Suite to see if it works for what I need instead of
purchasing HRD.

When I look in the SpotCollector, I get very few stations listed. When I
look in something like I see many more stations
listed. I suspect this must have something to do with how the DXClusters are
selected. I've got all 4 slots filled, undoubtedly with the defaults, all
are enabled and set to auto connect. What am I missing? Granted this is a
pretty low spot in the cycle but since I can see quite a few more spots in
other sources than in SC, I'm guessing I've got something set wrong.

I do have the filters set for only the bands and modes I can deal with but
have that set in DXHeat as well.

Thanks for the guidance,



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