Rig Blaster Blue and Kenwood 570

Norman Heyen

I am just getting started with DXLab Suite and digital modes so this might
be a really obvious question, but is there a setup guide?

I have the RB plugged into the PC with a USB-serial adaptor, one with the
FTDI chip that I've used before and pretty sure it works well. It is
configured as Comm 3 in Windows XP.

I've got the audio connector plugged into the RB and 570, tuned to a digital
station. The adapter cable is plugged into the mike connector on the 570 and
the RJ45 connector on the RB. When I unplug the audio cable from the 570, I
can clearly hear digital tones.

I followed the steps to setup the Windows audio to use the Line In input and
set the level to 100.

When I open Win Warbler, I get nothing that I expect. There is no waterfall
and no signal indicator moving, just sits at zero. Nothing is decoded in the

Where do I set WW to use Comm 3? Or isn't that needed? Or if not comm3, what

Seems like it should be simple, there are a limited number of cables and
connections and none are really the same so pretty hard to connect something
to the wrong place.

Thanks in advance,



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