Re: Icom RS232 interface from KG7SG

Dave, AA6YQ <dhb@...>


The radio sends data

- if its "CI-V Transceive" setting is on, and you change frequency or
change modes

- in response to a query from Commander

If you didn't set "CI-V Transceive" to "on" (using the 746 menu, as
described in the manual), then you must configure CI-V Commander to
continuously query the radio by checking the "Continuous Frequency and Mode
Interrogation" box in Commander's General configuration tab

Alternatively, you can set "CI-V Transceive" to "on", in which case
continuous queries are unnecessary

If neither of the above configurations results in Commander displaying your
radio's frequency and mode, let me know and we'll take the next step - which
is to check the message window.

Just in case: do you have a scope or meter?


Dave, AA6YQ

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Subject: [dxlab] Icom RS232 interface from KG7SG

I am running CI-V Commander version 1.2.2 using the KG7SG interface I just
made. I am able to control the ICOM 746 via the computer but I am not
to receive any data from the radio.

I have double checked all wiring and software and radio config settings
no luck.

I am still suspicious that it is in the wiring but I am hoping that it is
something simple in the software or at the radio that I may have

Suggestions from any is gratefully welcomed

Thank you

73 de KB2VNB

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