Re: DXView

Dave Bernstein <dhb@...>

Certainly. But I'd like to track down and correct the DXView-PropView-
DXKeeper interaction problem, as well as the DXKeeper "misbehaviour"
issue first.

Unfortunately, I have an XYL-driven furniture repair project that
takes precedence over both of these, but it shouldn't involve more
than a few hours work. If the above defects were showstoppers, I
might apply for a variance, but...


Dave, AA6YQ

--- In dxlab@y..., "Ron Eberson" <zx@c...> wrote:

-Dave is it posible to make a second button on the window at GO in
this button can copy the call to DXKeeper and so you can use it
direct now i
must type the call again in DXKeeper also i can use Propview direct.


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