Re: "Add Requested" LotW scan in DXKeeper

Mike - AA1AR

I click “add requested”.

I watch as the number of Qs added to the queue increases.

As soon as the number stops incrementing, I click the “STOP” button.


I have thought there should be a better way to do this, though…


73, Mike – AA1AR


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On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 6:56 AM, wrote:
> As the number of QSOs in DXKeeper grows, I am finding that the time to scan
> for LotW upload requests is starting to grow. The scan seems to be in
> reverse order of date. Is there any way to limit the scan to just the QSOs
> added since the last "Add Requested?"

I always wondered about this, but hadn't gotten around to asking Dave
- actually, I got in the habit of using my workaround...

I have a SQL filter called 'LotW_R', with expression
[APP_DXKeeper_LotW_QSL_SENT='R']. Before I upload, I apply this
filter, then, on the QSL tab, for both and LotW, I "Add
Requested" and decline to have the filter removed when prompted, then
"Upload to ...". This is a lot faster than the exhaustive search that
occurs if no filter is applied. I'm not sure why it has to search each
date individually, rather than applying a simple SQL filter like
above. Perhaps my method is missing something... but it seems to work
fine for me. I'm aware that I could miss some eQSL uploads if there
are QSOs that have been uploaded to LotW already but not to eQSL, but
I don't really care too much about that.

It'd be really nice, IMO, if there was a single button that would
upload all "new" QSOs to both eQSL and LotW in an expedient way. My
current method involves a lot of clicks, and I replay the exact same
sequence every day (sometimes more than once a day):

* Click on Log QSOs tab
* Click on '~' in the Filter panel to find my 'LotW_R' filter
* Click on 'LotW_R' filter
* Click on QSL tab
* Click on '' in the 'QSL via' panel
* Click on 'Add Requested'
* Click on 'No' to decline removal of the filter
* Click on 'Upload to'
* Click on 'LotW' in the 'QSL via' panel
* Click on 'Add Requested'
* Click on 'No' to decline removal of the filter
* Click on 'Upload to LotW'

Oh to have one button that does all of that :)


~iain / N6ML

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