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No...that is giving me the correct results....

I saved the is listing contacts that do not have received cards.....

So....what I am trying to get is a list of received cards, where I have a "Y" in the box, for DXCC entities that are not confirmed......


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from the check progress tab
DXCC -click submission
make sure check mark is in QSL Cards
click assemble submission
click create card record sheet
Now you should have your list of cards
you can also view the create planning report.

If you are not actually going to use this list, you will want to reset submission
or you could export an ADIF file to use for the online dxcc application,
which is the best way to get everything setup for having cards fild checked.

On 4/6/2014 10:15 PM, Tim Vandagriff wrote:
Well...thanks, but, I already had discovered that......

It seems there would be a simpler way/ a report format.....

The objective is to get a quick list of received Paper QSL's, needed for DXCC...but not verified.....then I can look for them.....only after they are found would I attempt a submission...

AM I missing something here?


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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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I am having difficulty determining my DXCC submission...

I simply want to determine which cards have been received that I need to submit for any DXCC award, callsign....

When I receive a new card that is neeed /....DXKeeper tells me....but after that I have not found a way to create a report.....

>>>DXKeeper can directly generate a DXCC submission. Take a look at

Also..I would like to determine which countries have been worked......but not confirmed...with callsign.....

I am sure there is a simple way of doing this....but I have tied everything I can think of...with no results...

>>>Do the following:

1. On the main window's "Log QSOs" tab, click the RAT button to open the "Realtime Award Tracking" window

2. In the "Award Progress Filter" panel on the "Realtime Award Tracking" window's DXCC tab,

2a. click the All button

2b. uncheck the Unworked, Confirmed, and Verified boxes

2c. if you don't care about deleted entities, uncheck the "include deleted entities" box

>>>At this point, the "Award Progress" panel will list all worked-but-unconfirmed entities. To see the QSO associated with each
worked-but-unconfirmed entity, double-click the W in the row for that entity.

>>>If your objective is to generated outgoing QSL cards for all worked-but-unconfirmed entities, DXKeeper's "Add Needed" function
can do that directly. See


Dave, AA6YQ



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