Re: SC 6.8.4 Problem

Stephen Rabinowitz

In my installation Norton quarantined the SpotCollector update.  It so informed me.  It took just a few clicks to release the file from quarantine.  No big deal.
73, Steve WA2DFP

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OK, let’s not be bashing any software.  SC has worked just fine until this latest update so the question is what, if anything, was done in this update to cause Norton to be unhappy.


I get Norton as a courtesy of Comcast.  I am not about to trash it because it has other functionality that I like and use.


End of story.



Pete, W1RM


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Rather than penalizing DXLab my solution is to get rid of the Norton
problematic bloatware. in Windows 8.x all you need is Windows Defender
which Microsoft automatically installs. In older versions of Windows
manually install Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free, updated
daily, protects your system and doesn't cause problems. Some people like
to occasionally run a scan with Malwarebytes which is OK if it makes you
feel more comfortable.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

Peter Chamalian W1RM wrote:
> I installed the latest update to spot collector this morning. When I went
> to start DXLab (as I always do using the launcher) everything started but
> spot collector. Sonar which is part of Norton 360 security decided it
> presented a threat SONAR.Heuristic.120 and promptly deleted it.
> I did a full restore of SC from a backup and it launches properly (version
> 6.8.3) and life is good. Something in 6.8.4 is making Norton very unhappy.
> Pete, W1RM

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