Re: win 7 to win 8.1 migration

Stephen Rabinowitz

You can download the Mozilla Thunderbird email program for free.  The price is right, and it works well for me on a Windows 7 machine.

73, Steve WA2DFP


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Hi Dave and the Group,

I bought a Toshiba laptop, i7 quadcore, Windows 8.1 preinstalled, full HD display.

No mail program in it. If I want it, using the POP server, I have to buy an extra software, Word, making lots of things I do not use, but paying for them.

I feel like if I had bought a car with 3 wheels, the fourth being an optional, sold only in a package with leather seats and...and...

Of course, if you use a tablet for your mail,as he does, you can say, as it has been written:


What is there not to like?

The price maybe.


Anyway, I am relocating DXLab suite  from my old XP to this 8.1 machine, and the first thing to do, following Dave's instructions, is moving LoTW; ARRL TQSL installer puts the files by default in a protected folder.

I stopped the installation, and I ask if it is correct?


Thanks from Franco 3a2mw

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