Re: Commander PTT Sluggish with JT65-HF

Stephen Rabinowitz

You were right on the money.  My DXLab Launcher was running as administrator and WSJT-X was not. Once all programs were running at a humbler status the communications began to to flow.  Seems like the folks in Washington should be introduced to this concept.  Many thanks.
73 Steve WA2DFP

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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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The connection to other members of the DXLab Suite is handled by JT-Alert. No application - either DXLab Suite or JT-Alert may be
run with elevated privileges ("run as administrator"). DDE works only between "peers".

>>>Explanation: either all communicating applications must be started with "Run as Administrator", or none them can be started with
"Run as Administrator".

>>>So long as you didn't install your applications in a folder that Windows considers "protected" -- like c:/program files or
c:/program files (x86) -- there is no need to initiate your applications with "Run as Administrator".

>>>By default, the Launcher installs all DXLab applications in the non-protected folder c:/dxlab


Dave, AA6YQ

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