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Dave AA6YQ

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Subject: logging in to your LoTW account

Executive Summary

For more reliable access to your LoTW account, log in via this URL:


Technical Details

The LoTW Server, which processes incoming QSOs and generates the web pages you see when you log in to your LotW account, is
accessible via lotw.arrl.org .

p1k.arrl.org provides a proxy connection to lotw.arrl.org . The server that hosts p1k.arrl.org employs older hardware that hosts
multiple infrastructure functions, and is thus more likely to be impacted by congestion on the ARRL's headquarters network. This
p1k.arrl.org proxy connection is being maintained because several logging applications still use it.

It's been noted that clicking the "Go Now" or "Login Now" links in


reference the less reliable p1k.arrl.org instead of lotw.arrl.org. Until this is corrected, avoid these links, and log in to your
LoTW account via



Dave, AA6YQ

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