Re: Commander PTT Sluggish with JT65-HF

Dave AA6YQ

Parker, the errorlog.txt file you sent me does not show any instance where you

1. enabled Commander's "log debugging info" option

2. performed an action in JT65-HF that cause JT65-HF do direct Commander to switch the transceiver from RX to TX

3. disabled "log debugging info"

Thus the errorlog.txt file does not provide the trace of activities I need to see to determine what's going on.

However, one of the screen shots you sent shows that you have Commander's "verify CI-V acceptance" option enabled. This option is
intended for use in environments where multiple devices are connected to the CI-V bus in a way that permits collisions to occur.
When sending a CI-V command to a transceiver, Commander waits for a positive acknowledgement from the transceiver before proceeding
-- which if the transceiver's microprocessor is not responsive can cause things to slow down. If you have your PC connected to your
IC-7600 via the USB interface with nothing else connected to the IC-7600's backpanel CI-V port, then no collisions are possible, and
you should disable the "verify CI-V acceptance" option.

Disabling "verify CI-V acceptance" may not eliminate the delay you've been reporting, but it will reduce the number of variables
in the equation. If the delays remain, please perform the 3 steps above and send me the resulting errorlog.txt file from your
Commander folder.



Dave, AA6YQ

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Dave -

I am attaching ErrorLog.Txt and various screen grabs, which should be self-explanatory. The ErrorLog.txt shows no activity in
connection with this issue.

Apparently HRD uses TCP/IP, just FWIW.

Correction: this issue does not appear with the current version of WSJT-X.

73 Parker W5ADD

PS - If this is a software issue in JT65-HF, then I'll just raise the priority in Windows Task Manager so I can continue using
DXLab. Many thanks for your help.

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