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Dave AA6YQ

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Hi Dave,

So if I understand your response, the information I provided in my email is just summery info for all the cards on the report. For
example I have 16 cards for DXCC entities that have not been worked before. I have 96 cards that have bands that have not been
worked before in a given DXCC entity and so on. If I'm correct, it was the word "missing" that was throwing me, thinking some
information was missing on the contact. I understood the "Need" column, it was the summery stuff that was confusing me as stated

The word "missing" refers to QSLs that have been requested but not received. It does not refer to information "left out" of a
logged QSO.

It would be easy to substitute a different word or phrase that would improve the Card Aging Report's clarity. "Unrequited" comes
to mind...


Dave, AA6YQ

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