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My sincere thanks to Dave, Joe, and all of you who have helped me get the DXSuite running. DXCC and WAS on SSB have been completed
in less than six months, thanks to SpotCollector. Now I am having a blast using digital modes via WinWarbler, and even logging QSOs
on DXKeeper from JT-65 and its bridge program. Today on 20 meters I saw something amazing. A station on the PSK waterfall showed
the characters "CQ" visually in the stream, and later on, "73." A little Googling revealed that some question the legality of
transmitting images on that frequency, but this seems to be catching on despite the spoilsports, since it doesn't increase the
bandwidth of the signal. Is this feature something that we might see on WinWarbler? This 69-year-old, licensed since 1958, thinks
its way cool.

That's Hellschreiber, one of the oldest digital modes:

Hellschreiber is a legal amateur mode supported by several of the applications with which DXLab interoperates. While it indeed
looks cool, decoding text from a Hellschreiber transmission would require something akin to optical character recognition, but in a
much noisier environment.

WinWarbler supports the digital modes most frequently used for DXing: RTTY and PSK. Unless another mode gains comparable
popularity among DXers, efforts to improve WinWarbler will be more focused on improving support for current modes than on adding new
modes. Given the interoperation with MultiPSK, FLDigi, JT-Alert, MixW, DM780, MMVARI, and MMSSTV, DXLab users have access to pretty
much all digital modes, one way or another.


Dave, AA6YQ

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