Re: Windows 9 is coming

Stephen Rabinowitz

An easy and free way to gain insight into your boot process, to see how many seconds each program adds to the wait, which programs can be eliminated from startup, and which can be delayed, is to install Soluto from

73, Steve  WA2DFP


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I would suspect a problem with that new Laptop. Windows 8 and 8.1 are
not slower than Win 7. There are some user interface differences that
take a day or two to get used to but once you get past that you should
be good to go.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

> Thanks Dave. I bought my wife a new I-7 laptop with OEM installed 64
> bit Windows 8. Neither of us like it. I updated the OS 8.1, and its
> still SLOOOW booting up and getting to the applications. Considered
> trying to reload the laptop with WIN 7 but its another extremely
> difficult adventure without the motherboard drivers. Maybe WIN-9 will
> save the investment.
> 73 ES DX,
> Gary -- AB9M

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