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Your comments have me thinking about purchasing an external modem. I see
that WinWarbler supports PK232 and PTC II. Looking at the manufacturer's
websites, the current offerings are, for Timewave, the PK-232SC+ multimode
data controller, PK-232/PSK multimode, and the new Navigator sound card
modem; and for SCS via Farallon, the expensive PTC-IIIusb modem with PACTOR
III, and the very expensive DR-7400 and DR-7800 dragons. Which of these do
you think would be most compatible with WinWarbler and my TS-990?

73, Steve WA2DFP

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AA6YQ comments below

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Thank you, Dave, for your very reasonable and gentlemanly response. The
simplest answer for FSK transmission on the TS-990 seems to be to use a
small USB keyboard plugged into the front panel USB socket.

That approach may be easy to implement, but you'' be losing all of the
transmission automation WinWarbler makes available via macros. You'll also
be rapidly shifting your hands between your PC's keyboard and your dedicated
FSK keyboard.

The one-transistor circuits suggested in

are simple, but I understand that not everyone is comfortable with
home-brewing. W3YY's kit would be a nice introduction:


His installations instructions for the TS-590 would apply to the TS-990
as well:


If you're not comfortable assembling and installing this kit yourself,
perhaps someone in your local radio club will give you a hand.

If you do any significant amount of RTTY, operating with a dedicated FSK
keyboard for awhile will likely provide the necessary motivation.


Dave, AA6YQ

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