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Stephen Rabinowitz

Thank you, Dave for the help.  The problem was resolved when I rebooted the PC J.

73, Steve WA2DFP


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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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Subject: [dxlab] WinWarbler question

WinWarbler is the latest addition to the DXLab suite in my shack. I have all the others, including Commander, running well on my Window7 system and TS-990. Commander tracks the VFO well, but WinWarbler doesn’t budge from one frequency. My reading of the help files didn’t help. Please advise.

>>>In the upper-right corner of WinWarbler's Main window, there's an "Xcvr Freq" panel with RX and TX boxes. With the Split box on Commander's Main window unchecked, do the RX and TX frequencies shown in the "Xcvr Freq" panel on WinWarbler's Main window track the frequency shown in the "Main VFO" panel on Commander's Main window?


Dave, AA6YQ

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