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iain macdonnell - N6ML

Hi Jeff,

There is no colour coding in SpotCollector for "unconfirmed entity".
I've suggested it in the past, but Dave was unwilling to add an
additional colour coding item, due to perceived complexity (for the
user) or/and lack of space in the UI.


~iain / N6ML

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I guess the archives can't be accessed more then 3 months back? The question that I was trying to find the answer to is this. I setup my SpotCollector window to only show red for a DX entity that I didn't have on any band. I now whould like to change this to display a spot in red if I don't have it confirmined by LotW, or card on any band. Another words, I have 140 countried worked, and only 69 confirmined. I would now like to have a spot displayed in red even though I already worked that country, but have no confirmation. Thanks for any help with this....

73 Jeff KB2M

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I'm trying to find a conversation that took place earlier this year between dave and me about changing spot collectors spot colors and how to control the color help me work DXCC from my new station. Does anyone know how to search through the archives in the new Yahoo? I can historically go back, to say Jan 2013, but don't know how to then do a search for a character string in that month.

73 Jeff KB2M

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