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Sebastian, W4AS <w4as@...>

While I still don’t understand what the purpose of this enhancement is (maybe too much coffee today), using DXKeeper 11.5.2 I logged a dummy QSO with a station I never worked before. I then changed the email address which was found on Next I entered (and saved) another dummy QSO with the same station. DXKeeper did not carry over the email address which I had previously changed. Instead it entered the email address found on; that is what I was hoping it would continue to do.

73 de Sebastian, W4AS

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AA6YQ comments below
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This is not clear to me.

What happens upon entering a new QSO with a prior saved callsign, is this potentially updated information from an external source

The excerpt from the 11.5.2 release note below means that if you have already logged a QSO with AA6YQ whose email item contains
"aa6yq (at)" and whose web page item contains "",

1. if you use DXKeeper log a new QSO with AA6YQ, the new QSO's email and web page items will be automatically populated with "aa6yq
(at)" and "" respectively

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