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Stephen Rabinowitz

Your advice worked like a charm, Dave.  Many thanks.
73, Steve WA2DFP

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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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The station I worked has a home QTH in KS and is shown as such in DX Keeper, but he was in OK when we had our QSO. The paper QSL he sent me shows OK. I tried to do an override in DX View, but that doesn't come through into DX Keeper. How do I edit for his correct QTH?

>>>An override would impact new QSOs that you log or import, but would have no effect on an already-logged QSO.

>>>To modify a logged QSO's state,

1. On the Configuration window's Log tab, check the "Log Panels" panel's Award checkbox

2. the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab,

2a. In the Filter panel at the bottom of the tab, type the station's callsign into the Filter panel textbox, and click the Call button.

2b. If there is more than one entry in the Log Page Display because you have multiple QSOs with the station in question, click on entry associated with the OK QSO

2c. In the Award panel, change the State selector from KS to OK (if you have the "Require Edit to modify logged QSOs" option enabled, you'll need to click the Edit button above the Log Page Display before you can make this change"

2d. click the Save button


Dave, AA6YQ

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