Hard disk substitution

Salvatore Besso


I am in the process to substitute the system hard disk (C:\) with an SSD. So the operating system will be fully reinstalled and so will be all applications, including the DXLab Suite. Actually the DXab Suite is not installed in the system disk, but into another disk (E:\). The whole DXLab folder will be saved onto another media. The suite will be fully updated with the latest program versions and databases before it is saved. The whole workspace will be saved as well.

After disk substitution with the SSD and after all necessary adjustments will be completed, the machine structure will be exactly the same as before, so the DXLab Suite will be installed again on disk E:\ and I was wondering if I could make the following operations to fully restore it:

1. Install a fresh copy of the whole DXLab Suite on E:\ (same disk and folder as before)

2. At this point I don't run the suite and so I don't create any log

3. Delete all ST6UNST.LOG files from the saved copy

4. Copy the whole saved copy over the just installed version, overwriting all files.
All the files, databases included, will be copied but the new ST6UNST.LOG files
related to the new installation will be preserved since the old ones have been
deleted before copying

5. Restore the full workspace

Is the suite fully restored at this point, exactly as before with the same configuration exactly restored as well?

73 de
Salvatore (I4FYV)

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