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Dave AA6YQ

>>>AA6YQ comments below


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Thank you, Iain, that worked perfectly.  My SQL filter is now:


((BAND='20M') OR (BAND='15M') OR (BAND='10M')) AND (MODE='SSB') AND ((EQSL='Y') OR (LOTW='Y')) AND ((ORIGIN='NA-M') OR(ORIGIN='NA-E')) AND (NEEDED='D') AND (CountryProgress<>'F') AND (LastTime > DateAdd("n",-60,Now()))()))


>>>If you enable Realtime Award Tracking for IOTA, Marathon, VUCC, WAS, WAZ, or WPX, you should replace






(NEEDED like '*D*')



>>>If you update your log to reflect the granting of DXCC credits, you should replace






((CountryProgress<>'F') and (CountryProgress<>'V'))




               Dave, AA6YQ

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