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Stephen Rabinowitz

On further consideration – I tried checking both the LoTW box and the eQSL box on SpotCollector.  Pressing one erases some of the stations.  Pressing the other erases the remainder except for the very few that participate in both.  The sequence of activation doesn’t make a difference.  There is no option that I can see for displaying stations that participate in either of the two services.  73 Steve  WA2DFP


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Many thanks for your help, Dave.  Much appreciated.  73, Steve



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>>>AA6YQ comments below


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Two questions about SpotCollector:


>>>Welcome to DXLab, Steve!


1)      The buttons for LoTW and eQSL on SpotCollector only seem to allow for filtering for one, or the other, or both.  But how can I filter for stations that belong to either one of the two?


>>>Checking both boxes will make stations that participate in either service visible in the Log Page Display

2)      The band frequencies used for filtering do not coincide with my General class privileges.  It does me no good to know that a sought-after dx station is located on 14.205 MHz, when my privileges start at 14.225 and above. 


>>>That’s not true. Being able to see who is working who gives you insight into “actual propagation”, as opposed to predicted propagation. Knowing that an infrequent longpath opening is active, for example, can enable you to work needed DX that you might normally not consider available at that particular time. Limiting your visibility to action taking place on the sub-bands to which you are currently restricted would reduce your insight.


So, how can I change the band filter to those of my privileges?


>>>SpotCollector is driven by a sub-band definition file that defines the boundaries of each sub-band. You can customize this file as you wish; see




And the “Sub-band Definition Panel” section in


< Definition panel>




            Dave, AA6YQ

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