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DXKeeper does not start any sub-processes.

When did this behavior first begin?

What hardware and software changes were made around that same time?

Please reboot Windows into Safe mode and try starting DXKeeper. Any joy?
I have made some progress with this problem. It turns out it is a network printer problem. The machine is a laptop belonging to another op and he drops in to print QSL labels and envelopes on my printer. When he starts DXKeeper at home on his network there is no problem but on my network, where the printer exists, it hangs.

I'm fairly sure this isn't a DXKeeper issue at all, even the printer properties and preferences options on the printer device take ages to run (several minutes).

The problem is something to do with server login credentials on his Win 7 laptop. As soon as the credentials are entered, access to the printer un-jams and everything works as expected. The real problem is that Win 7 fails to remember the credentials even if the checkbox to remember them is set. I believe Win 7 should pop up a system message asking for credentials for the server when required, but for some reason instead it just hangs for ages and messes up any program that is waiting for them like DXKeeper.


Dave, AA6YQ

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having a problem with DXKeeper.

This is on a Windows 7 machine. Everything enabled starts as normal using the launcher start button including DXKeeper. If DXKeeper
is shut down it will not restart. The process DXKeeper.exe*32 fires up but nothing appears on the screen and launcher never gets
notified of the startup completing (it eventually gives the 180s and failed to start message).

Restarting the whole machine seems to be the only way to clear the problem. Logging out and back into Windows is not enough to clear
the problem.

Anyone else seen this issue?

BTW this is with a fairly large log. Normal DXKeeper startup takes about 10 seconds.

The log file doesn't seem to be involved as I tried moving it away.

Maybe DXKeeper starts up some sub-process that doesn't shutdown correctly in this installation and that then inhibits startup.


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