Re: Install commander w/o Internet connection!?

Bruce Curl <bcurl52@...>

Thanks Bill, I'll get around to it eventually, but don't worry about
slowness, it's a dell pentium II with enough bus speed, I just need to
add maximum ram to the PC. I had a spare license for Nortlon Systemworks
and it has always been speed hamdicap.
Can you give a link to download Commander? All I found was having to do
automatic downloads thru tje suite front end

B. Curl
On May 23, 2013 12:08 PM, "Rich - W3ZJ" <> wrote:



DXLab does not require internet access. You can download the individual
applications, put them on a thumb drive or other portable media and
carry it to your crippled PC. I say crippled because a PC without
Internet access is like being up the creek without a paddle. You can
paddle with your hands but it will be a slow and painful process.

You have me worried about the "old" resurrected PC. DXLab is a fairly
heavy hitter on machine resources so you want something robust. Most of
us are running on 2.6 MHz or faster dual or quad core systems with at
least 2 Gb of ram. You may get it or some of it to work on an old
machine but if it's such a weak machine that Antivirus software will bog
it down you probably won't be very happy. There are a lot of good PC
sales gong on over Memorial day weekend :-)

73, Rich - W3ZJ

Bruce Curl wrote:
I am a newbie to the group & to hf. My shack is in my garage, I didn't
to put network lines out there yet. I have resurrected an old PC for
duty and downloaded DXLabs front end via sneaker net.
Is there a way to aquire ''Commander'' and other elements without a
connection to the Internet?
I'd hoped to avoid bogging down PC with antivirus software. If i cannot
find workaround to install., I'll have to put in a larger drive.

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