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I like to try and fill confirmations with LotW and eQSL AG as they may save me some cash and paperwork later on for submissions. The
problem I have is that it seems quite clumsy to tell if an entity that shows as confirmed on the progress grid has been confirmed

Is it possible to reasonably efficiently colour the backgrounds of the confirmation grid with the "usual" SC colours when a band
mode slot is confirmed by LotW, eQSL AG or, by both?

Either that or is there a simple way to check using current functionality. Currently I enter a call or spot in WW and do a DXCC
filter in DXKeeper, then scroll through the log page(s) with the two confirmation fields (APP_DXKeeper_EQSL_QSL_RCVD and
APP_DXKeeper_LotW_QSL_RCVD) in the shown columns checking for any 'Y'.

DXKeeper's award tracking only knows whether or not a "counter" has been confirmed in a manner that is accepted by the award
sponsor; it does not, for example, independently track whether you have Spratley on 80m confirmed via QSL card, LotW, and/or eQSL
AG. Thus the information required to color the award progress displays as you suggest is not available.
OK I understand Dave. I was hoping that DXView built the progress table on the fly from the log rather than using derived fields but I guess that is too expensive.

When preparing to make a submission, you can cause the submission generator to consider electronic confirmations first by
appropriately filtering the Log Page Display. In the case of DXCC, simply prepare your LotW submission before you prepare your QSL
card submission; where there's a choice, an LotW confirmation will be submitted.
Again I understand this. I am more concerned about maximizing return for QSO's at the time of QSO. For example, currently I tend to just work anything that shows as LotW even if I have the band mode slot confirmed just in case it might add a new LotW confirmation. It would save a lot of duplicate band mode slot QSOs if I could instantly see if I already had an electronic confirmation before I work them.


Dave, AA6YQ
Thanks for explaining Dave.


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