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In message #118365 (May 17),a question was posed about keying a K3 with
RTS/DTR in the com port used by ww for communications with the K3, Dave

">>>There's not, John. However, you can configure WinWarbler to provide
keyboard CW by having Commander send CAT commands to your K3: on the CW tab
of WinWarbler's Configuration window, set Keying panel to "Xcvr Ctrl App".

Does this answer mean ww will never be able to key a K3 using either RTS or
DTR? Or does it mean some changes are in progress to enable keyboard keying
via this means? Being new to dxlabs, if this RTS/DTR will not be
implemented, how can a K3 be keyed?

The K3, KX3, and a growing number of Flex, Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu transceivers, accept CAT commands to transmit CW. The timing
of the CW in this manner is rock solid. In comparison, the timing of CW generated by WinWarbler via a serial port's RTS or DTR
signal can vary as a function of the load on your PC's CPU.

To generate CW in this way, set the Keying panel on the CW tab of WinWarbler's Configuration window to "Xcvr Ctrl App";
WinWarbler will then convey text to be transmitted as CW to Commander, which will in turn convey it to your transceiver via the
serial port used for CAT control.


Dave, AA6YQ

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