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just clicked a spot for VK9CZ on 28012.5 that had been splitting sensibly but when the spot:

2013-04-04 11:06 de YO6HSU (EU) : up 28.015,27 599

got added to the pile the split went to 28040.5.

Obviously the the mix of digit separators has confused SC but I believe it should have made a better stab at this one or ignored

I've just seen another that could perhaps be better. 5W0M spotted on 28028 with the following note:

2013-04-05 09:20 de UA4PCM (EU) : +3 around

but SC doesn't determine a split operation.

SpotCollector thought that was a WX report.
Oh, ok. I can imagine the code to decode random comments gives somewhat fuzzy results. I suppose that is credible in UA4 in early April, also the spot was busted anyway since the DX was on 28026 UP 3 ;)

How about the first one, the number given is a well formatted frequency in kHz in any country that uses ',' as a DP and '.' as a 000's separator.


Dave, AA6YQ

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