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The proposal is to provide the option (defaulting to disabled) to
clear the Capture window when the transceiver is QSY'd by more than X
KHz, where X is a user-specified setting.

So far, 32 ops have said they would use this capability if it were
I fully understand that Dave, but if you are counting me as one of those 32,
then that proposal would not cut it for me as I said in my original reply .

OK, I have removed you from the list of "would use" callsigns.
The way I see it is that I love the way that double clicking an SC spot sets
up my radio and WW window ready to jump on that DX station or (if they are
SPLIT) net their listen frequency and then jump on them. This is great, but
if they are weak or the pile is just too rowdy, sometimes I want to just
tune away and see what else is around. The trouble is that with an old Icom
(IC-756) I now have to clear the WW window, go to the Commander window and
clear SPLIT & DUAL-WATCH then go back to WW. I know I can just double click
another SC spot, but that was my original problem with operators just
jumping from spot to spot without tuning the band. I want it to be easier to
move between spot chasing and tuning the band.

You can define a WinWarbler macro that
1. directs Commander to clear split (by specifying the appropriate CI-V

2. directs Commander to clear dual watch (by specifying the appropriate
CI-V command)

3. clears WinWarbler's "QSO Info" panel

all with one keystroke or mouse click.

I just thought that the "Hold down the SHIFT key and QSY undoes a QSY to a
spot" suggestion might simplify the whole argument about how far X is and
issues about accidentally losing info before logging.

If you're willing to depress a key to accomplish your objective, then if
I understand correctly, the suggestion above should prove satisfactory.
That is correct Dave. Until now I have not dabbled with CAT commands in macros since the Icom CAT is so limited on my radio. I will give it a go and try and integrate with my logging macros - I only use that feature on CW/DATA at the moment, but I will train myself to use them on phone too if I can get a "normalize the radio state" macro fragment running.

Thanks for the nudge in that direction.


Dave, AA6YQ

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