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Don't you realize that Icom and Flex only report the "active" VFO?
Switching from receive to transmit and back changes the only VFO
frequency that is reported (Flex/Kenwood "IF" command, Icom "command
number" 05). Perhaps a logger can stop polling when in transmit but
the timing is very critical and it may be impossible if T/R switching
is controlled by the radio instead of the logging software.
This occurred to me as well. In fact the feature to have the TX VFO automatically activated on an SC double click is only a fairly recent addition, and most welcome to Icom users like me.

I have been thinking about how I would implement a "Clear on QSY" feature and don't see a way that might satisfy everyone who has shown an interest so far by simply clearing the entry page after a QSY of X Hz.

It has just struck me that a way of doing it might be to only do the clear if the SHIFT key is depressed while QSY'ing. This way no configuration option would be required either unless users really think that they might inadvertently be pressing the SHIFT key while netting a DX station.

I would also like SPLIT and DUAL-WATCH cleared as well, IF AND ONLY IF they had been enabled by double clicking on a SC spot in the first place. In other words the "Clear on QSY" would undo everything that had been set by an SC double click apart from the frequency itself.


... Joe, W4TV

On 3/20/2013 8:41 PM, Robert Carroll wrote:
I would think the Clear on QSY would be based on the receive VFO if split.
It is done that way in other contest-oriented packages.

Bob W2WG

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I wonder what you will set X to? This afternoon I worked T2GM on on 20M
SSB. He was transmitting on 14.145 and listening 14.205 to 210. A 60 to
65 KHz split. So, if I had 'Clear on QSY' set at say 5 Khz, it would
have cleared my QSO Info as soon as I stepped on the foot switch to call
him. Then when I tried to log the QSO, oh gosh, there is nothing to log!
I don't think so!

73, Rich - W3ZJ

wb2nvr wrote:
Hi Dave -

I would use the option to Clear if I QSY more than X.

I find it useful in N1MM, and would like to have it as an option in
DXKeeper. I think you should prioritize this request based on your judgement
of what enhancements should be done first.



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