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And, if I don't work him then what??

It comes down to this, when a call is placed in the outgoing spot, I don't
care how it got there, then the frequency associated with that call should
be fixed until the call is refreshed /changed/whatever. I don't want or
care about a right click or left click for some previous Q, just that the
frequency associated with the current call in the outgoing spit call be
fixed at the time it was placed there and not follow the rig/commander.
The problem I see with that approach is that sometimes spots are not quite correct on frequency or the DX moves. If the outgoing spot frequency were fixed at the initial setup from SpotCollector you would not be able to send out an accurate spot reflecting the changes.

Also I like to spot the split I actually work the DX on, that won't work if the outgoing spot frequency(s) is(are) fixed.

The option to get back to the frequency(s) from DXKeeper works well and is a saviour if you log and move forgetting to spot.

If you don't work and QSY I agree there is a problem but the sticky outgoing spot frequency will cause a whole lot of bad spotting IMHO.

You can always go back to previous frequencies using the Commander Bandspread band buttons, they remember the last few frequencies you have been on for more than a few seconds.

73 -Jim - K8SIA

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