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Adding a QSY option to the right-mouse menu of DXKeeper's Log Page Display would make it easy to return your transceiver to the frequency and mode of any logged QSO, and seems generally useful. Would this satisfy the need?
Even better!

Works for me and might be handy for regular skeds as well.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Dave and All

Although I have noticed it for some time, I would like to request that the
Freq in the Outgoing spot frame in SC be fixed and held to the frequency of
the spot when it was placed in the call box.

To me, it should not vary, even if I spin the vfo dial off the spot. There
are times I would like to spot after the fact and find myself on a different
freq or band from the spot.
I would quite like a feature along these lines, as I often forget to spot a station until after I have QSY'ed. But I would object to an implementation as described above as this would just encourage inaccurate spotting.

If it were implemented, I would prefer a quick way of going back to the Tx and Rx QRG's of the last logged contact. This would be slightly better than the existing Commander Bandspread band buttons which, I believe, don't recall split of the prior operating frequencies. Maybe this feature already exists somewhere?



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