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I used three user defined fields to keep track of my SOTA activities.
I'm sure there's other ways but I created the following fields.

1. Summit designator (a fill in the blank text field).
2. A field with a drop down box indicating whether the contact was as an
'activator' or 'chaser'
3. Call sign used (applicable for activations).

I wrote some SQL's to sort by 'activator', 'chaser' to segregate the log
and assigned them to buttons in DXKeeper.

We use our SOTA Jerk club call sometimes on activations (NE1SJ) but of
course the activation goes to SOTA under our own call.

Let me know what you come up with - always looking for new ideas. If you
want to know more about what I did I can send you some screen shots of
the user defined setup and the SQL expressions. I saw another thread
about exporting a .csv to upload to the SOTA database. I enter all mine
by hand directly into the database. It is possible to pull down a .csv
from the SOTA database, I'm sure that could be converted to an
appropriate format to import into DXkeeper. To be honest there's not
that many entries to be done that I've never considered trying to
automate the process.



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What is the best way to keep track of SOTA contacts?

OK, back in my hole,

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