Re: Bug: SpotCollector 6.2.8 Origin Filter Not Filtering

Dave AA6YQ

AA6YQ comments below
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I use that quite often to see if there was anyone from NAE or NAM. Just
would be quicker if I could filter the older ones out. Not a major thing
but would be a time saver from having to right click the spots. I may be
only one but I see more value to a date there than a Y/N. But I am a data
nut. I would rather more info.

Changing the information SpotCollector places in a "region" field like
NAE or NAM or EU from 'Y' to a date would break user-defined SQL filters.
Recording the time of last spot for each region in an SQL-filterable way
would require adding 8 new dates fields to each Spot Database Entry and
maintaining them. That would be a significant increase in resource
consumption just to avoid a right-click to see the spotting history.


Dave, AA6YQ

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