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I believe SkyDrive offers versioning for MS Office files.

DropBox (and other sane cloud file services) on the other hand has versioning for all files so if you accidentally delete a file, you can always recover it by going back to the version prior to the delete. Therefore there is no need to manually copy files to the Cloud, just use the local DropBox directories as normal and a journalled backup is automatically maintained off site.


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I've been using SkyDrive for about a month and I love it, but you should be
aware of one major gotcha:

SkyDrive can be used in two completely different ways.

If you are using the program which you download and run from your computer, any
file that you put into your local SkyDrive folder will be automatically uploaded
to the SkyDrive "cloud". The file remains in the "cloud" only as long as the
same file remains in your local folder. This means that if you delete the file
in your local folder, it is immediately deleted from the "cloud" as well.

To me, this is unreliable.

I think a better way to use SkyDrive is to NOT install the software locally.
Instead, just use your browser to go to and create an account.
Then when you want to save a file, just go there again and drag and drop the
file or folder into the browser. This is MUCH safer IMO, because those files are
not automatically deleted. If you want them deleted, you have to do it manually.

Note that doing it this way, individual files must be zipped first. The
browser-based SkyDrive will not accept a non-zipped file. It will accept
non-zipped folders.

Hope this helps.

73, Bill W6WRT

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