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All set now, I rebooted and my problems went away. Perhaps simply closing & restarting DXlabs would have done it too but it had been a week or more since my last reboot (Win7). My problem was as soon as I checked the 'include radio name' the characters '756' appeared in the 'default QTH ID' box, even before I started entering the 'root QTH ID. the reboot fixed it.

The wiki instructions were a little confusing. Part 2 of the wiki says:

On the Configuration window's Log tab,
set the root QTH ID to Pleasantville:
check the Include radio name in QTH ID box
specify a default QTH ID, e.g. Pleasantville:Kenwood

The program logic does not display the 'root QTH ID' box until there is a checkmark in the 'Include radio name in QTH ID.

Step one should be 'check the Include radio name in QTH ID box'.

Step two would be 'set the root QTH ID to Pleasantville:'

Step three is confusing because (as you stated in your message) you can't edit or change the 'default QTH ID' if the 'include radio name' box is checked. Maybe this step should be deleted or re-written to indicate it will display whatever rig is selected in Commander at the time?

Thanks as always for your fast and courteous help,


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Thanks Dave, I did not find that in my search.

Still having problems with it but let me spend some quality time with it
later this evening. For some reason I have some text in the 'default QTH ID'
box that I can't find in any of the QTH's listed and can't be deleted. I
didn't have time for a reboot, I'll do that first, then if I'm still having
problems I'll get back in touch.

+++ If in the "Log Settings" panel (Configuration window, Log tab) you have
checked the "Include radio name in QTH ID" box, then you can't directly
modify the contents of the "default QTH ID" box, as these contents are
assembled from the "root QTH ID" box and the active transceiver's name. To
modify the text in "default QTH ID", edit the contents of the "root QTH ID"
box or change the name of the active transceiver.


Dave, AA6YQ

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I've looked around and don't see this option. Here's the scenario

1. I have two rigs defined in Commander (IC756, KX3). They are
interfaced and work correctly when their radio button is selected in
2. I log a QSO and the IC756 radio button is checkd.
3. Is it possible for the rig (in this case IC756) to be added to the
log entry automatically?

The program knows which radio was selected in Commander (but of course I
'could' have used the other one. We are assuming the radio selected in
Commander is the one used to make the contact.).

I can create a user defined field with a dropdown list but would have to
select the correct radio prior to logging. Perhaps there's a way to
automate the rig data into the user defined field?

Or am I missing the obvious and the software already does it, I just
can't figure out how? (been there, done that before). I'm guessing it
doesn't as it would probably require a second set of defaults in

Not a critical issue, just thought it would be fun to track the
contacts/radios in the log.

Here are step-by-step instructions for doing that:


Dave, AA6YQ


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