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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the comments.

In your first case, if you want to force a QSY, you can still do so
using the menu (right click) in SpotCollector - or disable the no-QSY
feature if you like to normally use the double-click activation to
retune the radio. The no-QSY feature is useful only if you are already
accurately tuned in to the DX station and don't require any tweaking.
That is true, but only on a spot by spot basis. Having to reset the config tolerance option depending on whether I want to keep settings or correct the frequency isn't going to be very convienent.

The other function you suggested, if I am understanding you correctly,
is already a feature of spot activation (when you set it up). In the
case of a spotted station being spotted as operating split, DXLab will
tune your sub-VFO to the split frequency. Just make sure the "Set XCVR
split" box is checked in the General tab of SpotCollector's config window.
No, you have misunderstood. On radios with two VFOs but only one VFO knob (or dual watch), you have to take some action before you can tune the TX frequency on split since Commander leaves the active VFO as the RX VFO. More often than not it is the TX VFO that needs retuning, particulary in a pile up where the DX is working a spread of RX QRGs. The most productive way of getting the contact (unless you have stacked Yagis and many KW) is to find his listen QRG before calling. This is particularly frustrating on Icom radios where changing the active VFO on the radio is not reflected in Commander - an Icom CAT deficiency.

Chris, W2PA

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