Re: Possible Config Problem with Spotcollector?

Darrell Drake

Hi Dave...

Yes, I did check the items at the site you mentioned and while poring over it many times, my call sign kept nagging at me!

I suddenly realized that my call used in SC is 'VE3DDG', but I log into the cluster with 'VE3DDG-2'(or some other ssid), a requirement of the Cluster node when logging in with more than one computer at the same time.

As soon as I used the exact same call on both SC and the DX cluster, all worked as it should.

Thanks for suggesting, I read '';.

Again , thanks for you help.


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Thanks, Darryl. Did you check the items mention in

<> ?


Dave, AA6YQ

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To answer your question as to why I'm using CC User DX Cluster program, it
is because it interfaces with my logging programs. Perhaps I should have
said that I connect to the DX Cluster Node VE7CC-1 via CC User.

The program is configured to communicate with, via Telnet, a logging program
running on the same computer, using Port 7300, assuming that the logging
program will allow Telnet access.

On SpotCollector's Config. page for 'Spot Sources', I have Host Address set
to and Port set to 7300, which is the same setting I use in other
logging programs. As I stated in my previous post, and using these settings,
I immediately connect with Node VE7CC-1 and the DX list begins down
streaming in the SpotCollector connection window, but the info is not copied
to the main SpotCollector window. Also, the LED in the SC window changes
from Red to Yellow, but not to Green.
Also, if I send out a spot from the SC main window, it DOES get sent to the
Cluster. So it appears that it's only a one way communication between SC and
the VE7CC-1 node. Therein, lies my dilema!

Sorry, but I sometimes have difficulty explaining what I mean.

Thanks for your reply, Dave.


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AA6YQ comments below
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I'm using CC User DxCluster program which runs in the background on my
computer. It is set up to allow logging programs to interface with it via
port 7300.

I have used it successfully with other logging programs which permit
access to DX Cluster sites, but not with SpotCollector.

I know that the two programs are communicating because SpotCollector
activates the connection to the DX program.

The problem is when a listing downloads from the DX node, it is not picked
up and shown by SpotCollector, which tells me I may have the Config
improperly setup in SpotCollector, although I don't know where.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

Take a look at

Why are you running CC User and SpotCollector simultaneously?

Dave, AA6YQ


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