New hard drive... WW macros not quite what I expected

Chuck, WS1L

Well, after last month's post about an app not launching, not being found,
and CHKDSK finding errors, my hard drive did fail last Sunday. It cost me
$80 to get another 500 GB, 7200 RPM drive from Office Depot and it
installed pretty easy... Windows XP SP3, then all the updates, then all the
drivers needed, then finally yesterday DXLabs.

I am happy to report that the saved workspaces brought back everything
pretty much as it was... there were a few minor changes I had made that
didn't get updated, but they were little things. The log backup opened
without a fuss, pretty much all went as smooth as it could. Nice to know
that even a hard drive crash is survivable if things are backed up the way
Dave recommends.

One issue I can't figure out... and it's minor...

In WW, I imported my macros. There were 4 of them, a macro and a macro2
for RTTY and PSK each, for the regular and ALT macros.

If I am in RTTY, then I see rtty macro for the regular buttons, and I see
rtty macro2 for the second, ALT buttons. If I then switch to PSK, I seepsk
macro for the regular buttons, but still rtty macro2 for the second, ALT

It works the other way, as well. If I control-click an ALT button, I can
then use the macro config window to load psk macro2 for the PSK second, ALT
buttons. Then I get psk macro and psk macro2 for the appropriate
buttons... but switching back to RTTY gives me rtty macro for the regular
buttons and psk macro2 for the second, ALT rtty buttons.

I know that's confusing to read... basically, while the regular macro
buttons switch with the WW mode, the ALT macro buttons do not.

Suggestions on where to look?

73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler

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