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Hi Dave -

When I get a needed spot in SpotCollector (6.1.0), the call, band, and mode
is announced by Joe DX for CW, SSB, and PSK. Spots for JT65 are announced,
but without the mode. I tried a local spot with JT65 in the Notes section,
and confirmed this. I have JT65 and JT65A selected in the SC Mode filter.
I was expecting either JT65 or Data to be announced.

Do I have a setting incorrect?

No, Joe DX is having trouble keeping up with the explosion of digital

You can create your own audio announcement files:
1. plug a microphone into your PC

2. run the Windows Sound Recorder application

2a. click the record button (red dot), and intone "JT65" in your best Joe DX

2b. click the stop button (black square)

2c. click the File menu's "Save As..." item, and save a file named JT65.wav
in SpotCollector's Sounds folder.

3. double-click the entry for JT65.wav in Windows Explorer to make sure it
sounds ok

When Joe DX catches up, we'll ask him to create .wav files for the latest
modes. In the mean time, we'll keep listening to my younger son announcing
Kosovo and the other "CQ countries".


Dave, AA6YQ

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