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wb2nvr <wb2nvr@...>

Thanks, Fred.

Tried resetting the modem, but no change.

I called my provider, Cablevision, and they reported that they're having an "issue" in my area.

It's amazing how impatient we've become. Remember when you had to look up QSL information in a printed edition of the Callbook that was six months old - if you were lucky/rich enough to have one? Ham radio sure has changed, and thanks to AA6YQ for helping us all take advantage of the progress.



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I just checked and was able to connect to both sites. It most be a problem specific to your location.

I experience similar problems from time to time with my Satellite internet connection. Unfortunately, there are not many options in my rural area other than Satellite Internet (Hughes Net). I guess that is the trade off I'll have to accept living in an area which allows towers!

Fred, KC9QQ

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I'm unable to connect to or

Spot collector is working FB - are these sites down, or is it a problem at my QTH?


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