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I installed DXLab on my second computer. I exported then imported the log
on my original machine just to a have second location and now I see many
dupes. Is there a way to delete dupes (keeping one QSO)or at least run a
report so I can do it manually? Not sure how this happened but I want to
straighten out the log. Thank you.

If you followed the procedure for moving DXLab from one PC to another as
described in


you would have a full copy of your log on your second PC. If you then
exported an ADIF file from your first PC and imported that file on your
second PC, that would explain the duplicates.

The easiest way to correct this would be to
1. terminate DXKeeper on your second PC

2. copy the log file from your first PC to your second PC

3. start DXKeeper on your second PC

Alternatively, the procedure for eliminating duplicate QSOs is described



Dave, AA6YQ

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