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Alan Swinger

Yep; agree. If it does not work for anything New, will advise . . . and will be really befuddled!
Enjoy the Olympics and Good DX! - alan

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Dave - I did follow the LoTW Certif transfer insts, and had TQSL and TQSL
Cert saved on a DVD after I renewed them last yr. I also checked the
station_data files on both PCs and they were the same except for unique
computer user names. So, I Edited the Station Location file in TQSL Cert on
the new PC to make it is the same as the Old PC and the Station File, and
also made sure Keeper reflected the edit.
I uploaded all QSOs in Keeper since I put the new PC on line (7/5-8/5/12) to
LoTW this morning. LoTW confirmed receipt so I snch'd QSOs and QSLs, and got
the following message:
- LOTW OPerations: 4 QSLs processed; 4 Log entries updated, 0 errors. No new
confirmations of previously unconfirmed entity-bands or entity-modes.

I expected nothing new, so the message is correct from that aspect, and
appears that the upload and responses are correct. Also checked the LoTW
Sent Boxes and all show a Y and today's date.

Therefore, it appears that all is working properly. Other than receiving a
LoTW QSO confirmation, is there anything else to check?

That all sounds good, Alan, but the proof of the pudding will be when one
of the QSOs logged and uploaded from your new laptop gets confirmed via


Dave, AA6YQ

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