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Winkey is set with a "tail" time of 500ms and PTT asserted, which is quite
ok for CW operation using the keyer, and to avoid trcv to go to receive (of
course, I should say the amplifier!)
Using macro command is nice to run in a pile up, however, the tail, as set
to 500ms is a too long (the pile_up "TU" to confirm qso could be missed!).
Using the opcode "stop" (while running the winkey test software), the PTT is
immediatly released whatever the tail set time.
In a macro, is is possible, while <stop> command is used, to immedialty
return to RX (assuming VOX is not used!) or to create a command
<stop_immediat> (or similar) for such purpose?

What commands are sent to the WinKey when the "WinKey Test Software" is
directed to "stop"?


Dave, AA6YQ

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