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Two of my last three QSO's (D3AA on 15M CW and UN/UA4WHX on 17M CW) were
rejected by Clublog as Duplicates. I have never worked either of those
stations before on those bands/modes. I later did a manual upload to
Clublog and those were accepted as two "new" QSO's:

Dear W3ZJ,

Congratulations - your ADIF file has been imported without warnings. A total of 2 new QSOs have been uploaded.

* Software: DXKEEPER
* File name: ClubLogUpload.ADI (488 B)
* New QSOs: 2

I saw this once a couple of days ago also but didn't report it. Who is
messing up here DXLab or Clublog?

If there are no previous QSOs in your log and the ClubLogUpload.ADI file created by DXKeeper doesn't contain duplicates, then I don't see how it can be a DXKeeper problem.

Dave, AA6YQ

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