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Subject: [dxlab] Update to DXKeeper 10.3.7 won't launch

I posted earlier that DXK 10.3.7 won't launch. I've done some more

First off, I've been away and had the radio PC off. I turned it on
Saturday and ran N1MM Logger to play a bit in the NAQP. This morning was
my first try to launch DXLabs, except I did have Spot Collector running
before the contest, as well as after.

Here's a list of what I've done so far.......

I determined that Google Chrome won't launch for some reason. It simply
keeps popping up '...needs to close' boxes and never launches.

I did another re-boot, and then realized the GMail notifier was running, so
I terminated that. Chrome still won't launch.

Next step: remove Chrome using Add/Remove in Control Panel. The radio PC
rarely, if ever, browses the web anyways. Followed by a re-boot.

DXKeeper 10.3.2 launches OK from the icon. 10.3.7 again fails with the
same error box. This time IE brought up a website saying the error was on
the hard drive. Using Eventviewer I got the event description:

Windows cannot access the file ...DXKeeper 1037 for one of the following
Problem with network connection
Problem with disk
Problem with storage drivers
Disk is missing.

Checking the hard drive properties showed plenty of free space... 21 GB
used, 444 GB free. Next step is to error check and repair the disk.
So far, Windows has replaced bad clusters in the file
DXView/Databases/LOTW.mdb, in DXKeeper.exe, and in several other places.

Still working on the free space, which will take a while. I'll update when

Best of luck on the recovery, Chuck (fingers crossed here!). Does the
Windows event log indicate any history of disk errors, or was this a
one-time event?


Dave, AA6YQ

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