Re: DXKeeper 10.3.7 won't launch

Chuck, WS1L

OK, as soon as the check disk finishes I'll do that!

Thanks, Dave!!

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Via Launcher it times out at 180 seconds, followed by the windows error box
'DXKeeper has encountered an error and needs to close'. After that I
re-booted the PC, same behavior.

Double-clicking the DXKeeper.exe from Windows Explorer brings only the same
error box.

Double-clicking the 1037 version from Windows Explorer brings only the same
error box.

Double-clicking the 1032 version launches normally.

Also, sometimes the error box reads "Google Chrome has encountered an
error..." although Chrome is not running.

That is in addition to the DXKeeper error, not in place of.

For now, I've pointed the Launcher to version 10.3.2, and all is well.

If there's an errorlog.txt file in your Launcher and/or DXKeeper folder,
please attach them to an email message and send them to

aa6yq (at)

The most likely possibility is that your antivirus or firewall is
preventing DXKeeper 10.3.7 from starting; make sure these applications
consider DXKeeper "safe".

If that's not it, then in your DXKeeper folder,
1. delete DXKeeper1037.exe

2. make a copy of the file DXKeeper1032.exe and name this copy DXKeeper.exe
(if you haven't done this already)

3. start the Launcher, and direct it to upgrade DXKeeper again


Dave, AA6YQ


Chuck Chandler

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