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iain macdonnell - N6ML

On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 6:55 PM, Dave AA6YQ <> wrote:

My response below is incorrect.

If SpotCollector is configured to "lookup missing location info", it
performs a DXCC Database lookup of CY9M, which produces a grid square of
FN97we. However, since this is a DXCC database lookup, the grid square is
trimmed to 4 characters to convey "not accurate enough for award
Spot Database Entry's "DX Grid" column is set to FN97, and the azimuth is
computed based on that grid square.
... and then it passes that back to DXView, which replaces its initial
location with the center of the grid? So we start with "accurate"
FN97we, trim to FN97, and approximate to FN97mm. Hmmm. Maybe
SpotCollector should refrain from sending the grid info (back) to
DXView when it's considered "not accurate enough", and let DXView
figure it out by its own means... but I suppose there's nothing in a
Spot DB entry that denotes where the grid square data came from.....

~iain / N6ML

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AA6YQ comments below
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DXV has to be getting the incorrect lat & long from somewhere, but >

SpotCollector is sending it only FK97 which DXV interprets as the Center
the 2 x 1 box (e.g., FK97mm) rather than the more accurate data in the

Fortunately, the inaccuracy is only a problem for those relatively close
north or south of CY9 (e.g., eastern VE1, eastern VE2 and VO2)

and can be eliminated by unchecking "Capture location info from
notes" on
the Configuration window's General tab.


Dave, AA6YQ


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