Chuck, WS1L

I read the recent thread about over-writing QSO-entered data with callbook
data with interest... in th epast, if I mis-copied a call, then I woul
dhave to clear the capture window and start over, since I was set to
"Automatically use callbook data to initialize new QSOs."

By clearing that checkbox I now can enter data from my QSO partner, even
change a mis-copied call, then at the end of the QSO click the Lookup
button to fill in the missing pieces and ensure I have an address on file
if needed. That part works as expected, and is, for me a better way to

With that, though, I wanted to be able to lookup prior QSOs as well as QSO
data, so I checked the box "Display Previous QSOs on Lookup." The tooltip
says "when checked, the clicking the Lookup button displays previous QSOs
and the information found in previous QSOs is used to initialize the new
QSO's items"

What I find is that double-clicking a SC spot populates the Capture window
and filters the log to display prior QSOs, without my clicking the Lookup
button. It also shows prior QSOs in the Capture window, if any.

Is there a way to make the Capture window only Lookup when the Lookup
button is clicked under these conditions?

73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler

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