VUCC progress and changed station location

Chuck, WS1L

I am playing around in the CQ VHF contest today... must not be a lot of
EM51's QRV, as I am popular!

I ran my VUCC Progress Report (19 new grids so far, taking me to 59 grids
total) and I see 5 grids where I worked them from prior to my move south.
I checked one and found the proper Station Location (Massachusetts vice
Mississippi) for the 2003 QSO. I am pretty sure I can only count QSO's
from my current grid towards the award... not much of an issue, as I never
did much on 6M until moving south.

Still, is there a feature to restrict VUCC progress to QSO's made at the
current station location?

73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler

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