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Hi Dave -

Thanks for spending the time on this. Since it only impacts people who have
more than one log and use WorkSpaces, it might not be worth the effort to
resolve this - especially if it's pilot error. However, please give me one
last try.

When I finish working on one log, and if I make a change to something - like
the log layout, I'll save the change, and then Update the WS.

After making a change in a DXLab application's setting, you must
terminate that application before directing the Launcher to update the

When I activate a different WS and open that log, the backup location is
that of the previously updated WS. It seems like the backup directory for
the WS that was just updated is overwriting the backup directory for another
callsign/log. I have multiple folders within my backup directory (one per
call). Updating the WS changes the backup file location in ALL of the
folders - not just the for the call that is being updated.

Use Windows Explorer to view the "date and time of last modification" for
the files in each of two of your Workspace folders. Now direct the Launcher
to Update one of these two Workspaces. Check the "date and time of last
modification" of the files in each Workspace folder. Were both Workspaces
updated, or just one?


Dave, AA6YQ

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